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Different Types of Shower Curtains


There are, without a question, many different types of shower curtains. What type of shower curtain you should look for depends on the current theme of your bath décor. Most of the time, homeowners will purchase the shower curtain only, and not change the whole décor of the bathroom. It is therefore important that you evaluate the current theme of your bathroom, what color the walls are, the tiles, the wash basin, the toilet, and other fixtures like shower curtain rods, before you purchase shower curtains. Most people try to match the color of their shower curtain with the color of the walls in their bathroom, but this has the effect of pushing the shower curtain into the background. However, if you want to be bold and refreshing, let the shower curtain stand out and dictate the theme of the bathroom. The type of shower curtain you buy depends on the aesthetic effect you want it to have on your bathroom.

The type of shower curtains you buy also depends on how you use the curtain; do you use the curtain as a display or do you keep it pulled to one side when the shower is not being used? Also, consider if you want the color, design, and texture of the shower curtain to accentuate the spaciousness of the bathroom or make it look cozy.

The main factor that differentiates the various types of shower curtains from one another is the material that those curtains are made from. There are two broad categories of shower curtains in terms of material: plastic and fabric. Generally, fabric shower curtains lend an air of sophistication and elegance to the bath décor, while plastic shower curtains tend to have a more contemporary and modern look. Shower curtain liners, however, are mostly made out of plastic material because it’s resistant to damage caused by water and moisture. Using liners with shower curtains ensures that the curtains remain beautiful on the outside, while maintaining the functionality and utility on the inside of the shower. Liners should be hung from the same hooks that shower curtains are hung from, keeping in mind that the shower curtain rods are strong enough.

Cloth Shower curtains

Shower curtains made out of cloth or fabric are generally more expensive. They may be composed of cotton only, polyester only, or may be made up of a combination of cotton and polyester. Needless to say, there are many other types of cloth shower curtains, like hemp and linen. They are almost always washable and (at least in the case of polyester) can be mold and mildew proof. This is possible because many manufacturers treat shower curtains with some type of biocide, which are chemical substances that inhibit the growth of mildew and mold in damp environments, like the bath tub area or the shower area. Cloth shower curtains can be attached to curtain liners in many ways, for example with buttons and button holes.

Cloth shower curtains may come in a variety of different designs. One good option is ruffled shower curtains. Ruffled curtains have gotten increasingly popular over the years. Some excellent designs can be found online with free shipping offers. Ruffled shower curtains are usually made of polyester and are machine washable. Most luxury shower curtains are made from cloth. Vinyl and other plastic shower curtains simply cannot provide the sense of luxury that elegant cotton and polyester curtains do.

Plastic Shower Curtains

Plastic shower curtains are mostly made of vinyl or PVC. Their advantage is that they last long and are not prone to mildew or mold. Moisture in the bath does not usually affect vinyl. Vinyl shower curtains also happen to be cheap; they will almost never be found in the luxury shower curtain category. Most people prefer vinyl because it’s affordable and easy to clean. But another advantage is that it is easier to find wide shower curtains in vinyl than any other material. Wide curtains are hard to find because most shower spaces are built with standard dimensions. Plastic shower curtains that come with cut holes to attach to shower curtain rods may tear easily with regular use, especially if the plastic used is of low quality. However, most plastic shower curtains come with reinforced rivets, helping those curtains last much longer.

If you are looking for shower curtains for your kids’ bathroom, vinyl curtains are what you should look for. They come in a large variety of colors and patterns that kids love, and are sturdy and durable, which makes them a perfect choice for a kids’ bathroom. You can find vinyl and PVC shower curtains for very low prices online with free shipping, especially if you purchase them with other accessories like shower curtain rods.

Another option in terms of material is hemp. Shower curtains made of hemp tend to be heavier, and therefore require sturdier shower curtain rods. Hemp shower curtains naturally resist mildew as they are anti-fungal by nature. It is a great choice if you are conscious of the environment since hemp is mostly grown organically and dyed with natural pigments. Shower curtains of this material also do not need to be used with a liner.

Hookless Shower Curtains

Once you have chosen what material you want your shower curtain to be made of, it’s time to decide on the other variations. A very good option to consider is that of hookless shower curtains. These shower curtains do not require rings to hang them on shower curtain rods. Instead, they have holes in them that shower curtain rods pass through. However, you won’t have to unscrew the rods in your bathrooms in case you decide to install hookless shower curtains; they come with an easy snap-on installation technique allowing you to install them within minutes. You can find some amazing deals for these shower curtains online and that too with free shipping.